Belle Cose, Beautiful Western Things

Surrounded by mountains and wild animal warning signs, Jackson Hole, WY is a small western town best known for it’s skiing and fly fishing.  Unfortunately, October is not the season for either of these sports.  So what’s a girl to do?  Turn to the one sport that is always in season: shopping!

If you’re in the market for what I like to call cowboy clutter — T-shirts, moose-print tea towels, elk antler end tables, stuffed buffalo heads, western landscape paintings, etc. — Jackson is your kind of town.  For the rest of us there is Belle Cose.

Belle Cose offers many beautiful things: seasonal decor, china, housewares, pewter, cocktail napkins, linens and kitchen ware.  Locals come here for all of their entertaining and cooking needs.  Visitors come for tasteful western souvenirs.  Pewter western-themed salt and pepper shakers — buffalos, elk and bears — are very popular.

If you are in the market for something with a local flair try one of the local cookbooks: A Taste of Wyoming by Pamela Sinclair or Jackson Hole Cooks! by Rebecca Woods.

Also popular are Jackson Hole artist Huntley Baldwin’s books Letters from Jackson Hole and Jackson Hole in Words and Watercolor.  I loved the whimsical and cheery local scenes depicted in Nancy Liston’s hand painted ceramics.  You can see her “Go Cowgirl” platters in the photo above.


Supreme willpower, and an already bursting suitcase, kept me from indulging too much at Belle Cose.  In my four trips to the store I walked away with only two cookbooks and a Patricia Spratt tablecloth.

If I get home and decide that yes, I really do need that pewter cowboy hat chip and dip, no need to fret, they ship.


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