San Diego’s Little Italy’s Farmer’s Market

The best Saturdays of my summer start with a walk down to the farmer’s market.  I’m in San Diego this weekend but that doesn’t mean I have to give up my Saturday ritual.   Today I visited The Little Italy Mercato.  This farmer’s market has more than 80 stalls filled with the best of southern California produce including artichokes, avocados, oranges and mission figs.  In addition to the local produce there are farm fresh eggs, cheeses, crepes, olive oils, nuts, pastry, pasta and live music.

Artichokes, trimmed and ready to cook.

These artichokes are from Sun Coast Farms; the oranges and avocados below from Paradise Valley Ranch.

Paradise Valley Ranch sells fresh oranges, orange juice and avocados.

The hardest part of visiting a farmer’s market on vacation? Not being able to buy and cook any of the local fruits and vegetables.  I consoled myself by finding a few treats that I could pack or ship home.  From Bread & Cie I bought two packages of  biscotti, Roasted Hazelnut & Mocha and Pecan & Orange.

Some of the wonderful bread for sale from Bread & Cie

Love wine?  Dream of owning a vineyard? Maness Vineyards & Casi Cielo Farm sells a “make your own wine or vineyard kit”  — buy a grapevine, plant, wait.

Grape Vines from Casi Cielo Farm

I couldn’t leave this market with biscotti as my only souvenir.  In addition to fresh farm eggs and chickens, Descanso Valley Ranch sells antique Chinese egg baskets from the Shandong Province.  They ship, I bought.

Antique Chinese market baskets from Descanso Valley Ranch.

For more photos visit my Flickr set San Diego’s Little Italy’s Farmer’s Market.


3 responses to “San Diego’s Little Italy’s Farmer’s Market

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  3. I saw an online post about antique Chinese baskets for sale. Could you please send me the information on how to order one?
    Kindest regards,
    Janice Kind

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