French Garden Shoppe, San Diego

It’s in San Diego’s Little Italy, located on India Street and is called French Garden Shoppe — don’t be confused by this international mingle, just say Ciao mon amie and enjoy a mini tour of Europe while shopping for beautiful garden and home decor, gourmet foods, fresh herbs, candles and other lovely gifts.  I discovered this little gem of a store on a recent trip to San Diego, it’s just a few blocks from the Little Italy Mercato.

The artichokes on the shelfs below are birdhouses.  I’m really regretting not buying one of these, so cute and a reminder of San Diego and the farmer’s market.

Complimenting the French themed garden accessories and furniture are beautiful Italian ceramics.

I love this creamware, if only my kitchen or storage closets were bigger!  I think these would make wonderful cookie jars.  Do you think the faces would scare away cookie monsters?

It’s times like this when I wish I had brought a bigger suitcase, or fewer clothes.

I made it out of the French Garden Shoppe empty-handed — hard to believe and completely out of character but I couldn’t quite figure out how I was going to get wrought iron garden chairs in the airplane’s overhead bin.  Perhaps you’ll be more creative in your purchase and packing strategies when you visit.  I won’t say adieu to the French Garden Shoppe because I hope that someday we’ll meet again, for now I’ll only say au revoir.

French Garden Shoppe, 2307 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Tel. 619-238-4700
Monday – Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: Noon-5pm


2 responses to “French Garden Shoppe, San Diego

  1. I heart that creamware. Did you manage to fit any of it in your suitcase?

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