Cups Cupcakes, La Jolla

Do you hold up the line at your local gourmet cupcake bakery vacillating between Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Birthday Cake and Toffee Crunch? Cups in La Jolla, CA has a solution for indecisive cupcake crave-ers everywhere: the mini cups. Miniature sized cupcakes, buy five and the sixth is free.  Cups offers over 50 flavors but helps you whittle down the deliciousness by featuring just 12 flavors each day.

It’s these tempting flavors and clever names that enticed me to drive up from San Diego for a little taste testing.  I mean, what’s twenty minutes in the car for temptations such as the Elvis, a banana cream-filled chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting; Monkey Balls, a fried brioche cup filled with vanilla pastry cream and tossed in cinnamon sugar; and Churros and Chocolate, a cinnamon cup filled with Mayan chocolate topped with spiced chocolate frosting and churros.

Those flavors weren’t featured during my visit but I think I did O.K. with my half-dozen choices, clockwise from top left: Not-so-Red Velvet, Raspberry Basil, Cinna-BB, Limone Ricotta, Claddagh Cup, Better with Bacon (yes, I said bacon).

As if mini-cupcakes and a cool lounge atmosphere weren’t enough, Cups is organic and local sourced.  Each day they offer at least one vegan and one gluten-free flavor which practically makes these cupcakes health food.


7857 Girard Avenue

La Jolla, CA

Open 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. everyday.


2 responses to “Cups Cupcakes, La Jolla

  1. Wow, those look pretty darn good and I love the look of the place. It’s like a modern take on a diner or something.

    Just when I thought the cupcake fad was going to quietly slip away, it seems to be making a resurgence. Someone told me the other day that she doesn’t think it will die because of the cost (compared to the price of buying a full cake) and the size. I guess the thinking is that people eat only 1. I wonder how true that is? 🙂

  2. I’m not a huge cupcake fan because I’m a freak who actually likes the cake better than the frosting — Cups was great because they weren’t overwhelmed with frosting and the flavor combos are really interesting. I briefly thought about ordering all twelve daily flavors — it’s a mini cupcake, no guilt!
    I should note – you can buy full size cupcakes here too.

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