Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego – La Jolla

So the problem with tourist towns is that unless you eat in one of the restaurant there are no bathrooms.  What’s a morning Diet Coke-addicted girl to do?   If I was a tourist on the Mall in Washington, DC I’d simply head over to one of the Smithsonian museums to powder my nose.  Lightbulb! The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego‘s (MCASD) La Jolla branch.

Does it matter what brings you to art as long as once you get there you appreciate it?The current exhibition, Here Not There: San Diego Art is a collection of contemporary artists living in San Diego County.  It features paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, videos and new media.   My favorite was Wendell Kling’s Happy Apple Color Organ.  An interactive installation that plays music and lights up when the viewer turns a crank or makes one of the two Fisher Price Happy Apples sway.  I don’t know what, if any, the deeper meaning of this piece is, I just know it made me smile and want to stay there all afternoon.

As beautiful and interesting as the art inside is, don’t forget to step outside on MCASD’s balcony and take in the ultimate work of art.

While on the MCASD balcony look up for one of their permanent installations that, I think, captures the feeling of the beach, Nancy Rubin’s Pleasure Point.

O.K., O.K., enough culture, time to say aloha to La Jolla, hit the road and do some shopping!


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