Cherry Mash Candy, A Childhood Favorite

I was back in Missouri a few weeks ago, running to the grocery store to pick up a few items for my mother when, there, standing in line at the checkout counter I saw it.  A childhood candy favorite and regional speciality, the Cherry Mash.

Cherry Mash is a sweet cherry fondant center coated in a blanket of peanut studded chocolate (are your teeth hurting yet at the thought of biting into that big mound of sweet fondant?).  It’s a hometown speciality, made by the Chase Candy Company right there in St. Joseph, MO.  According to Chase Candy Company’s website it’s the best-selling cherry candy bar in the country.

Craving a Cherry Mash but nowhere near the Midwest?  You can order two dozen (minimum order) from Chase through their website or from Old Time Candy.  What to do when your Cherry Mashes arrive in their ice packed cooler?   After eating the first dozen, save the last dozen for making Cherry Mash milkshakes or sundaes.

Cherry Mash Sundae

Melt two Cherry Mash bars with two tablespoons milk.  While still warm pour over vanilla ice cream.  Serves 5 – 6.

Cherry Mash Milk Shake

In blender combine:

1 Cherry Mash candy bar cut into small pieces.

3/4 cup cold milk

2 scoops vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate syrup to taste.

Blend and enjoy.

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6 responses to “Cherry Mash Candy, A Childhood Favorite

  1. Thanks for posting…this candy is new to me!Would love to try that cherry mash milkshake or sundae..I bet it would just be a sugar explosion in mouth!

  2. Oh, this candy is not new to me but I have to admit it was forgotten and now I’m craving it bad. I’m from St. Louis area but I haven’t lived there for many years and you do sort of forget things you loved if they’re no longer available. Now I’m DYING for the candy…even more so for the milkshake!

    • Barbara – you should check around CO, I bet you can find them somewhere, a friend told me he found them in California. I’m the same way – I forget about them until I visit my mom and see them in the groccery store then I HAVE to buy one (O.K. sometimes more then one).

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