Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic Prescription

Ug, I’ve been sick.  A stuffy nose, achy ears, sore throat, used tissues and flannel pajamas — I’ve been living in a germy, dull, dull, world.  What I need is a little happy and a little chic.  Enter Jonathan Adler and his Happy Chic.

Primary colors, quirky tchotchkes lots of groovy and you’ve got Jonathan Adler’s unique perspective on design and decor.   What a surprise to walk into Hallmark and find a whole bright happy wall full of Jonathan Adler — commuter cups, water bottles, day planners, pencils, pens and stationary.

When you’re not feeling great what does Dr. Adler prescribe?  Take one sticky note from Dr. Adler’s prescription for anti-depressive living and call him in the morning.

Even on your sickest of sick days it would be hard not to feel better when Adler prescribes dressing like a back up singer, always mixing fancy with frisky and taking tambourine lessons.

For more inspired advice I suggest checking out Adler’s manifesto.  Because yes, tassels are the earrings of the home.


One response to “Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic Prescription

  1. Aw, I love Jonathan Adler and I love this post! The tan and cream blanket in the picture is my fav. Feel better soon!

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