Celadon Pottery at Celadon House, Bangkok

Celadon garden benches from the Celadon House, Bangkok

Did you know that Celadon refers to more than just that unique green shade?  It’s the name for the glaze process used on porcelain that produces that unique “cracked” look and it’s not regulated to just green.  Celadon can be brown, blue and yellow.

While Celadon can be found throughout Asia I discovered it in Bangkok, at the Celadon House.  According to the tour books, this shop has the largest selection of Celadon ware from the Chiang Mai factory in Northern Thailand.

Celadon, comes to Thailand from the Chinese.  According to Thai history, King Ramkamhaeng the Great visited Peking in the 13th century and  brought back to Thailand chinese pottery and potters.   Beginning in the 15th century the pottery and craft spread throughout Northern Thailand.   Artist and potter Brenda McMahon has some great photos documenting the Celadon pottery process from her tour through of a factory in Chiang Mai on her Thailand Travel Blog.

Looking for a discount, check out the seconds room at Celdaon House.

I didn’t travel to northern Thailand to tour any factories, finding the Celadon House in Bangkok was enough of an adventure — I took a river “bus” boat to the Sky Train stop, jumped on the Sky Train then ask the snack shack woman at my stop for directions, walked several blocks, turn the corner and there it was.  Whew!  Taking on the streets and mastering the public transportation systems of Bangkok clearly deserves a prize!  Hmm, what should I pick?

What do you suggest, your highness?


3 responses to “Celadon Pottery at Celadon House, Bangkok

  1. Wow, how fun to be in Bangkok! What are you eating?

  2. I’m back — just trying to get posts up from the trip. (hmm, should have mentioned that in the post). But, I did take a cooking class while there — crispy pork, mango and coconut sweetened rice, curry — standby for that post.

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