Spring Mantel with Spring Florals

One of my many home fantasies is to be able to change out my house between winter and summer — roll up the winter wool rugs and put sisal in their place; slip linen or white cotton slip covers over my furniture,  replace the velvet and silk throw pillows with colorful cotton ones and  maybe even take down the silk curtains in the bedroom and put up cotton toile or a beautiful Chinoiserie.

The budget and the attic storage space aren’t quite ready for an entire house spring redo but there are a few things I can do to welcome in the new season.

Perhaps the easiest thing to change in my house is my mantel.

So here is my current mantel.  I like this large, round, frameless mirror from Random Harvest but the problem with a round mirror is the two large empty voids of either side.

Sure I could add sconces (I’ve been lusting after these at Circa Lighting since I bought my house).  But fixed items don’t provide much flexibility or seasonality.If not sconces then something else to provide some height.

Maybe some nice spring-flowering branches  or these pussy willows?  As much as I love the height and look of branches, they can look a bit unfinished.  To add fullness and softness I added one of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas.  Which, by the way, are a great flower for arrangements simply because they are so large — it doesn’t take many to have a beautiful arrangement.

Inspired to change-up your mantel?   For ideas beyond flowers check out Nell Hill’s Mary Carol Garrity’s Style at Home blog and her Fresh Spring Looks for Your Mantel.  I love the tapestry of mirrors…

What are you doing to make your home feel like spring?


4 responses to “Spring Mantel with Spring Florals

  1. I love the greenery, clay pots and wicker on Garrity’s coffee table, but I like your mantle better. Love Hydrangea! I have been filling our house with lots of fresh flowers lately and a silk gerber daisy arrangement on the kitchen table in a dark chocolate brown wicker basket. Come on Spring!! 🙂

  2. The gerber daisies sounds great! Yes, Spring, Spring, we are ready for you!

  3. I love the pussy willows..my mum has a tree, they remind me of her. Love your mirror on the mantel also.I often put splashes of bright colours, with fresh bright flowers however I also love natural fibres of different textures with crisp white. x

  4. Lovely, lovely! Yours is a beautiful and fresh mantel shelf.

    Agree w/Angie…the other blog’s mantle shelf looks a bit industrial to me. Also don’t care for wrapped books…too contrived.

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