Garden Wall Wire Trellis

Garden Wall Wire Trellis

My “garden” is basically a brick box — a brick patio floor surrounded by three walls — two brick, one wood. Lots of hardscaping, little landscaping.  To soften things up, and provide more privacy,  I decided to plant an evergreen, flowering vine that would  eventually cover a hard wood wall with beautiful, soft green leaves.

With this great idea and vision of green, late last summer I planted Confederate Star Jasmine — an evergreen vine with a fragrant white flower.  My jasmine attached to a wall, just not my wall.  It’s vines snaked through the wall slats then attached and grew on my neighbor’s side of the fence.  I like my neighbors but not enough to share my jasmine.  This spring I’m giving my jasmine a trellis (on my side of the wall).

Run a wire vertically or horizontally to train your vein.

Have a pesky vine you want to control or an ugly wall you want to cover?  This wire trellis is an easy project that takes only a few basic tools and supplies: eye-screws, stainless steel wire, wire cutters, floral training wire and a drill.

  1. First, plan the layout for your trellis.  Do you want straight parallel wires going across the length of your wall?  Would you like a crisscross trellis on a section of wall?  Design for this trellis is basically connect-the-dots, your eye screws are your “dots” that you’ll connect with “lines” of wire.
  2. Once you have your plan, drill a small pilot hole for your first eye screw.   Then insert the eye screw and screw it in.
  3. Go to your next “dot” on your trellis design and repeat: pilot hole, eye screw.
  4. Once you have all of your “dots” or eye screws placed, cut wire that’s approxiametly 12 inches longer then the distance between your screws.
  5. Insert one end of the wire into a eye screw, leaving about 6″ of wire overhang.
  6. Fold the 6″ length of wire around the eye screw to attach, then wrap the extra around the long length of wire.
  7. Run the long length of the wire through your next “dot” or eye screw, wrap and secure as above making sure to pull the wire taunt, leaving no slack in the wire between each eye screw.
  8. Continue to connect the dots until your trellis design is finished.
  9. Attach your vines to the wire using short lengths of floral training wire.
  10. Finally, grab a glass of ice tea, sit back and wait for your vines grow.

Bye, bye brown wall, get ready to be covered in jasmine vines.


One response to “Garden Wall Wire Trellis

  1. A great idea, and I’m sure it with give you an abundance of fragrant blooms all Spring/Summer long!

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