Spring Cleaning – Closet Organization

Closet Catastrophe

Tucked under the stairwell, just off of my kitchen, is my entertaining closet.  A closet where, in theory, I can store all of my extra entertaining accoutrements — plates, glasses, silver trays, chafing dishes — all easily accessible and ready to party at a moment’s notice.   As you can see from the photo, the easy access in a moment’s notice part is still just a theory not a theorem.

Cleaning out this closet has been on my “to do” list since Thanksgiving.  The first procrastination postponement was due to a last minute invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner of roasted oysters.  The next procrastination postponement came over Christmas break, I was all set to spent the week after Christmas cleaning and organizing closets but I simply had to go on a last-minute trip to Charleston.  Cleaning closets versus roasted oysters and Charleston, you tell me. What did it finally take to get this mess organized?  A week’s staycation and five trips to The Container Store.

How to take on a closet calamity?  Step one, group similar items together — plates with plates, glasses with glasses — so when you’re looking for that perfect accent plate you can easily see all of your options.

Plenty of plates for a party.

Step two, make things easy to access.  I’ve used these wire cabinet shelves from The Container Store to help separate my many plates so I can both see what I have and easily reach them.

Step three, contain the small stuff.  These stackable drawers are perfect for that. Don’t forget to label!

Shakers and stirred.

Tucked into a corner, a basket covered ice bucket, a china grandstand and of course my paper cocktail napkin collection in easy to access drawers.

If you’re trying to organize your own closet catastrophe think beyond the standard organizing drawers and containers.  I’ve used these clear, stackable acrylic letter holders to store small bowls and containers.

I just love these little vegetable shaped bowls and dishes, don't you?

The final result of all of my hard work and numerous trips to The Container Store ?  A clean, organized and easy to access closet.  Let’s party!

From closet catastrophe to closet calm.


7 responses to “Spring Cleaning – Closet Organization

  1. Looks great! One of my fondest memories of college was living in such an immaculate room. Love my clean space! 🙂

  2. Well done! The before and after photos are impressive.

  3. Wow, quite a transformation! I’ll bet it feels really good. When’s the party? 🙂

  4. Great job! I love projects like that. I’ll go back and just keep looking at something I’ve organized because I love the feeling of accomplishment. I’m impressed you have so many great entertaining pieces.

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