Ladew Topiary Gardens

Ladew Topiary Gardens

It feels like I’ve been cooped up for weeks.  First in airports and hotels then in bed with a terrible cold (hmm, hard not to think there is a casual relationship there).  Oh for the cool days of spring when I could hear out of both of my ears and didn’t punctuate every sentence with a hacking cough.

The last time I was out and about was at the beginning of May for the Ladew Topiary Garden’s Rare Plants and Garden Ornaments Sale. The sale was fun  and fruitful.  I came home with more herbs,  two honeysuckle plants and a fantastic antique firefly engraving from Dongan Antiques, Ltd.

Once I’d sufficiently helped the local economy, I set off to explore the 22 acres of flowers, lawn and topiary.    I hoped to get an insiders tour from one of the locals so I turned on the charm and even offered this potential prince a kiss, but alas, I couldn’t compete with  the warm May sun and lily pads.

Left to wander on my own, I started at the main house and  then checked out just a few of Ladew’s many bird houses.

Isn’t this one funny? I love the French Straw Bee Skeps surrounding it.

The wonderful things about formal gardens are the small gardens and secret rooms hidden behind rows of hedges and sometimes behind rows of swans.

Follow the swans along the hedges until you come to a break, step inside and you’ll discover my favorite garden at Ladew, the Iris Garden.

I like this garden because it entices you to come in and explore.  The red Japanese maple is a focal point, drawing your eye down the brook and into the garden.  But, you can see from the way the lawn continues, the garden doesn’t stop at the Japanese maple.   It’s not only the focal point, it also hides a portion of the garden that you’ll only be able to fully see if you come in and explore.

Your reward for wanding down the winding brook?  Waiting for you on the other side of the Japanese maple is an Asian-inspired garden and complete with a gilded padoga.

Inspired by these beautiful vistas I wanted to incorporate a little of Ladew in my small patio garden.

O.K. this miniature boxwood is not quite up to Ladew standards but gardening is a game of patience, even Mr. Ladew had to start somewhere.

Ladew Gardens, 3535 Jarrettsville Pike, Monkton, MD 21111 (click link for a map)

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One response to “Ladew Topiary Gardens

  1. Diane,
    It was great to meet you at Ladew. Hope you will come back to Maryland for more fun adventures. Your photos are fabulous, thanks for sharing.
    Salli Ward
    Wonderful Wardrobes

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