Alaska Adventures: My Head In the Clouds at Denali

Denali, the High One

Am I writing a travel blog or a home and food blog?  With recent trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Alaska and Texas I’m really beginning to wonder.  One more big trip to go: New Orleans.  It’s not home but there will be a lot of very, very good food.  I know what your thinking: Why in the world would you go to New Orleans in August?   I hear February is the ideal time to enjoy the Big Easy but the timing can’t be helped.  I’ll just try to think cool thoughts and remember the ice cold glaciers I saw in Alaska on my K2 Aviation tour of the highest mountain peak in North America, Mount McKinley aka Denali, the high one.

The view of Mt. McKinley from my the K2 Aviation plane.

One of the five large glaciers located on Denali.

Small mountains and peaks surrounding Mount McKinley.

My feet are back on the ground and ready to take me to my next adventure.

For some un-bear-ably good photos from my other adventures in Alaska, please visit my Flickr page.



One response to “Alaska Adventures: My Head In the Clouds at Denali

  1. Absolutely beautiful shots! Reminds me of my flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu – wish I had gotten as close to the mountains.

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