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Spring Mantel with Spring Florals

One of my many home fantasies is to be able to change out my house between winter and summer — roll up the winter wool rugs and put sisal in their place; slip linen or white cotton slip covers over my furniture,  replace the velvet and silk throw pillows with colorful cotton ones and  maybe even take down the silk curtains in the bedroom and put up cotton toile or a beautiful Chinoiserie. Continue reading


Travel Design Inspirations: Vietnam & Thailand

Aged brass door handles on a bright yellow door, Minh Mang Tomb, Hue, Vietnam

Every month I check out my pile of shelter magazines and inevitability find an article where a designer talks about how their newest design, fabric, furniture line, etc. was inspired  from their latest exotic trip.  When you travel do you see the world like a designer?   Continue reading

Celadon Pottery at Celadon House, Bangkok

Celadon garden benches from the Celadon House, Bangkok

Did you know that Celadon refers to more than just that unique green shade?  It’s the name for the glaze process used on porcelain that produces that unique “cracked” look and it’s not regulated to just green.  Celadon can be brown, blue and yellow. Continue reading

Merry Kitschy Christmas

Thanksgiving is over — let the Christmas season officially begin!  I kicked off the season today with the purchase of this sweet, kitschy Christmas wreath designed by Bittersweet Design Studio located in Paeonian Springs, VA.

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Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic Prescription

Ug, I’ve been sick.  A stuffy nose, achy ears, sore throat, used tissues and flannel pajamas — I’ve been living in a germy, dull, dull, world.  What I need is a little happy and a little chic.  Enter Jonathan Adler and his Happy Chic.

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Nell Hill’s

Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas

When I travel back to northwest Missouri it’s to do three things; visit my mother and shop at Bob Jones Shoes and Nell Hill’s — not necessarily in that order (sorry Mom).  I’ve skipped the shoe store before but I have never missed Mary Carol Garrity‘s home decor emporium triad of Nell Hill’s, Garrity’s Encore and Nell Hill’s Kansas City.

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Fall Wreath Workshop at Helen Olivia

Like it or not fall is just around the corner.  It’s time to start thinking about football, raking leaves and getting your home ready for the season. What better way then with a new fall wreath for your front door.

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