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Ladew Topiary Gardens

Ladew Topiary Gardens

It feels like I’ve been cooped up for weeks.  First in airports and hotels then in bed with a terrible cold (hmm, hard not to think there is a casual relationship there).  Oh for the cool days of spring when I could hear out of both of my ears and didn’t punctuate every sentence with a hacking cough.

The last time I was out and about was at the beginning of May for the Ladew Topiary Garden’s Rare Plants and Garden Ornaments Sale. The sale was fun  and fruitful.  I came home with more herbs,  two honeysuckle plants and a fantastic antique firefly engraving from Dongan Antiques, Ltd. Continue reading


Shopping In Charlottesville All Along Ivy Road

And George in Charlottesville, VA

Last week I finally took a break from work and spent a couple of fantastic days in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Charlottesville known for the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, rolling country lanes, horse farms and wonderful shops and boutiques.  O.K., perhaps it’s best known to me for it’s shops and boutiques. Continue reading

Spring Jinx!

Thyme, oregano and curly parsley dusted with snow.

Mr. Punxsutawney Phil, I have a bone to pick with you.   An early spring, uh huh. This is what I woke up to this morning.  Snow.  Yes, snow!  It’s March 27th Mr. Phil, exactly when is this early spring coming?  My herbs and I are waiting…

Garden Wall Wire Trellis

Garden Wall Wire Trellis

My “garden” is basically a brick box — a brick patio floor surrounded by three walls — two brick, one wood. Lots of hardscaping, little landscaping.  To soften things up, and provide more privacy,  I decided to plant an evergreen, flowering vine that would  eventually cover a hard wood wall with beautiful, soft green leaves. Continue reading

Herbs Springs Perennial

Oregano is thriving on the first day of Spring.

Yeah Spring!  Today is the first day of spring, are you feeling it where you live or are you still seeing snow outside of your window?   Here in Zone 7 we’ve had almost 3 weeks of warmish weather and my patio plants and herbs are loving it. Continue reading

Spring Mantel with Spring Florals

One of my many home fantasies is to be able to change out my house between winter and summer — roll up the winter wool rugs and put sisal in their place; slip linen or white cotton slip covers over my furniture,  replace the velvet and silk throw pillows with colorful cotton ones and  maybe even take down the silk curtains in the bedroom and put up cotton toile or a beautiful Chinoiserie. Continue reading

French Garden Shoppe, San Diego

It’s in San Diego’s Little Italy, located on India Street and is called French Garden Shoppe — don’t be confused by this international mingle, just say Ciao mon amie and enjoy a mini tour of Europe while shopping for beautiful garden and home decor, gourmet foods, fresh herbs, candles and other lovely gifts.  I discovered this little gem of a store on a recent trip to San Diego, it’s just a few blocks from the Little Italy Mercato.

Continue reading