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Shopping In Charlottesville All Along Ivy Road

And George in Charlottesville, VA

Last week I finally took a break from work and spent a couple of fantastic days in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Charlottesville known for the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, rolling country lanes, horse farms and wonderful shops and boutiques.  O.K., perhaps it’s best known to me for it’s shops and boutiques. Continue reading


Spring Cleaning – Closet Organization

Closet Catastrophe

Tucked under the stairwell, just off of my kitchen, is my entertaining closet.  A closet where, in theory, I can store all of my extra entertaining accoutrements — plates, glasses, silver trays, chafing dishes — all easily accessible and ready to party at a moment’s notice.   As you can see from the photo, the easy access in a moment’s notice part is still just a theory not a theorem. Continue reading

Spring Mantel with Spring Florals

One of my many home fantasies is to be able to change out my house between winter and summer — roll up the winter wool rugs and put sisal in their place; slip linen or white cotton slip covers over my furniture,  replace the velvet and silk throw pillows with colorful cotton ones and  maybe even take down the silk curtains in the bedroom and put up cotton toile or a beautiful Chinoiserie. Continue reading

Be My Valentine?

Valentines ready to be mailed out to friends and family.

Besides a love of cooking Julia Child and I also share a complete lack of ability to “do it all” during the Christmas holidays.  Specifically, the failure to get Christmas cards out the door before December 25.  Now, just because Julia wasn’t able to get Christmas cards written it didn’t stop her from sending holiday greetings — she simply choose a different holiday.  She chose Valentine’s Day.  Julia, I am inspired.  This year I’m continuing your tradtion and sending Valentines to all of my friends and family to let them know just how much I love and appreciate them. Continue reading

Travel Design Inspirations: Vietnam & Thailand

Aged brass door handles on a bright yellow door, Minh Mang Tomb, Hue, Vietnam

Every month I check out my pile of shelter magazines and inevitability find an article where a designer talks about how their newest design, fabric, furniture line, etc. was inspired  from their latest exotic trip.  When you travel do you see the world like a designer?   Continue reading

Organizing with Shoe Bags

Napkin rings, organized and ready to party.

I am on a mission to get my life under control.  I’ve reluctantly accepted that crazy is the new work life normal so now I’m thinking about what I can do in the other areas of my life to make the crazy a bit more bearable.  One of those things is organization.  Perhaps it’s a symptom of my serious case of Martha Stewart Disease (MSD) but I love to be able to open a closet and find things and to not spend my morning hunting and searching.   So, this winter when it’s too cold to be out and about, I’m spending some of my weekends organizing and, let’s hope, bringing some calm to a crazy life.

I’m start slow and working my way up to some really big projects.  First up is using one of my favorite organizing tools — over the door shoe bags — to get a few things in order.

Continue reading

Southern Entertaining Inspiration: At Home~Charleston

Image via Charleston Historic Homes

Christmas in Charleston, SC — when a friend suggested a last minute trip to the Holy City I just couldn’t resist.  Charleston is one of America’s most beautiful cities and for me, has always epitomized the best of Southern hospitality, grace and style.  And I’m just talking about the homes and the people.  I haven’t even gotten to the amazing food.

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