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Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego – La Jolla

So the problem with tourist towns is that unless you eat in one of the restaurant there are no bathrooms.  What’s a morning Diet Coke-addicted girl to do?   If I was a tourist on the Mall in Washington, DC I’d simply head over to one of the Smithsonian museums to powder my nose.  Lightbulb! The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego‘s (MCASD) La Jolla branch.

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Cups Cupcakes, La Jolla

Do you hold up the line at your local gourmet cupcake bakery vacillating between Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Birthday Cake and Toffee Crunch? Cups in La Jolla, CA has a solution for indecisive cupcake crave-ers everywhere: the mini cups. Miniature sized cupcakes, buy five and the sixth is free.  Cups offers over 50 flavors but helps you whittle down the deliciousness by featuring just 12 flavors each day.

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