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Alaska Adventures: My Head In the Clouds at Denali

Denali, the High One

Am I writing a travel blog or a home and food blog?  With recent trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Alaska and Texas I’m really beginning to wonder.   Continue reading


Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park

Today I drove through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  When you spend twelve hours alone, communing with nature you learn things about yourself.  I learned that I am afraid of heights.  To be more exact: I’m afraid of falling off the side of a mountain.  So afraid that on more then one occasion I held my hand up beside my eye to act as a blinder.  I didn’t want to catch a glimpse of what was waiting for me on the other side of the guard rail.  About five minutes into Yellowstone’s south entrance I was sure I had made a huge mistake and seriously contemplated turning around.  I’m glad I didn’t.  I would have missed these amazing scenes. Continue reading