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For Your Consideration: Fakefetti from Vogue on the Range

Vogue on the Range amusingly laments about the invasion of Fakefetti where her childhood Funfetti stalwart once stood. A generational touch-point ruined by modernity.

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For Your Consideration: Peaches Poached with Basil

Congratulations to my friend PC at The Runaway Spoon for winning food 52‘s contest for Best Recipe Using Fresh Basil.  I can’t wait to try this, it sounds amazing and refreshing.  And, truth be told, I really want to get my hands on that poaching liquid for some summer cocktail experiments.  For the recipe visit the other Spoon.  Hmmm, I wonder if I can use this for tomatoes?

For Your Consideration: Indigo Days – Making Washi

Wow, I thought I had a challenging week.  Nancy Singleton Hachisu at Indigo Days took a gaggle of English-speaking Japanese preschoolers on a field trip to make Washi – a type of Japanese paper.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  I can only imagine what Nancy was feeling. Continue reading

For Your Consideration: Iced, iced coffee from Good.Food.Stories.

Isn’t it funny how friends always know what your thinking and exactly what you need ?  This week I’ve been thinking mostly two things:  “Wow, it’s hot.  I need something cold to drink.” and  “Gawd, I’m exhausted, MUST HAVE CAFFEINE!”  And then, lo and behold,  I find my friend Casey’s posts about iced coffee.   Continue reading

For Your Consideration: Hip Travel Mama’s Luxe Picnic

Fourth of July weekend and thoughts turn to picnics.  Hip Travel Mama challenges us to reinvent the picnic, thinking beyond paper plates and Igloo coolers to setting a picnic blanket as we would a dining room table.  I’m inspired and transported to a picnic blanket under a tree, a cool summer breeze ruffling the napkins and a refreshing bite of goat cheese and tomato salsa bruschetta. Continue reading

For Your Consideration: Hot Chicken from SFA

This weekend is the 10th annual Southern Foodways Alliance Field Trip.  Dozens of lucky southern food enthusiasts and experts are gathered in Atlanta, Georgia to explore the “changing American South” via the Buford Highway, according to SFA, the region’s oldest and most diverse international corridor.   Continue reading

For Your Consideration: Chef’s Best

Rows and rows of yummy.

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the 20th anniversary of Food & Friend’s annual fundraising gala, Chef’s Best Dinner & Auction.  A delicious event with over 55 local chefs tempting the crowd with bite size — and sometimes more than bite size –samples of their best.  Food & Friends commitment is to provide sound nutrition for children and adults living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses throughout the greater DC metro area.  This year, Food & Friends will deliver more than one million specialized meals to more than 2,800 individuals (that number does not include feeding those who attended Tuesday’s event). Continue reading